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Rusty Fox hard rock-rock'n'roll / Ostrava


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Text skladby Part of the side

z alba Rusty Fox

Autor hudby: Rusty Fox
Autor textu: Lucio Massarotto

No, no,no, no; don't go, don't go
Spend with us one more hour, don't leave us alone
No, no,no, no; don't go, don't go
Leave your troubles behind, be part of the side

Share your smile, take your time my son now
Have a sip, have a gulp just right now
Your head is fresh and the curtain's still up
So just stay the night

Way down there, man, you'll find some pure pleasure and
The atmosphere will be fine because the spirit is high
So don't be shy my friend 'cause we're no shit, oh well
We seize the moment this way, tomorrow's another day

Beers and cards and our laughing faces
Drums, guitars and our singing voices
You don't need anything else, no man
Come on stay the night

So aren't we good enough to take part in your dirty life?
Don't you wanna listen mate, and try to clean it up
This is a good rebuke my friend, it's not so hard to understand
Don't be a fool, don't be a silly man