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Rocky Mountain Oysters psychedelic / Pripyat

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Text skladby So Far So Long

z alba Apocalyptic Session Vol.1: In The House Of The Setting Sun

Autor hudby: RMO
Autor textu: T

When I was young, gone too wild and mad
I couldn´t hear anything what you said

When I was young, gone deaf and blind
I stayed too far from the tree of life

Forgive me my lies baby
My wounds to your soul
I can´t close my eyes in front of that baby no more

Woman, I´ve ran too far
Woman, so far away
I didn´t know there´s nowhere nothing more
And I left the road where you were waitin´ there

Woman, I stealed your heart
Woman, I let you in a pain
And I didn´t care what will be goin´ on
Already I was far, so far, so long away