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Pyrrhura indie-folk / Nitra

„Off the big road is OUT!“

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Text skladby Lake

z alba Off the big road

Autor hudby: Pyrrhura
Autor textu: Pyrrhura

This rainy night's creeping around
while I'm listening to the radio
Gazing out the window
and slowly thinking 'bout Orion
Where are you now? Where are you now?
Clouds messed up your sight
in this foggy night
The lie's keeping on scaring me
I think I'll stay near the window line
This world's disgusting me and I'm lost in thoughts of mine...

Just sitting on my bed and listening to the time
as it's passing
Thinking about Noah, thinking about Moses
and the crossing
About them all, thinking 'bout them all.
TV isn't true and what we eat is not either
Wondering 'bout the time when it all will be better
The only thing this world is doing –
it's making me sadder
Once it'll be better, much better

Sitting by the lake
and the surface is shining
And this is the area
where the people in past times were mining
Half awake, we're sitting by the lake
Listening to sounds of guitars
and the crickets are like neverending rhythm,
when the car is passing around,
oh, the lights, you gotta see 'em!
Dressing the coat, this lake's off the big road...

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