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Posthumous Blasphemer death-metal / Brutal Death Metal from Minsk

„Posthumous Blasphemer on Obscene Extreme Festival!“

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Text skladby Disfigured Faces of Pontifexes

z alba Fracture the Worship

Autor hudby: Fiendharon
Autor textu: Fiendharon

Cut each other holy people
The authority dictates its laws
To put on a tiara
and to sit down on a throne

You’ll need a number of perverted methods
Poison each other in glorification of god
Liquidate the rivals

The crown is dirty with the blood of motherfuckers
Clergymen breathe the smell of putrefaction
Terrible sight is presented
Black, disfigured, dropsied corpse

Lips and nostrils covered by dark slime
The mouth wide open, the tongue swollen with poison

The disgusting stench all around
That's the payment of the God’s slave
Living like wild animals
In the name of the cross

Can help wishing to revenge upon even an already dead opponent
To exhume the disfigured corpse and to put it in the dock

To chop off all extremities after the verdict if brought in
To outrage upon a body and to throw it off in a precipice
But once, having come to the throne, you understand
That the time will come
And undertakers squeeze in your poisoned body to a coffin

Tyranny and despotism, bestiality and adultery
Violence and incest, sodomy and unpunished murders
That’s the natural destination of a thorny path
Of becoming elite, of becoming the God