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Poppy Seed Grinder death-hardcore / Praha


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Text skladby Disfigured Face Of The Earth

z alba Bleeding Civilization

Autor hudby: Poppy Seed Grinder
Autor textu: Poppy Seed Griender

the world of our ancestors
world where we live
it was so nice place to co-exist
but when you look at it with sober eyes
that view is not is not really nice

greenwashing corporations
supranational monsters
new bloody contracts with
disastrous consequences

unstoppable killing process
contamination of the planet rises

thermal disposal of wastes
hazardous substances in the air
poisoned rain destroying lands and oceans
disfigured face of the earth

radioactively contaminated soil
toxins leaking from repositories
deliberate extermination
castration of Mother Nature

mutagenic bioaccumulation
synthetic eutrophication
teratogenic mutilation
disfigured face of the earth

the world of our ancestors
world where we live
it was so nice place to co-exist
this is the result of our apathy
comfort exchanged for responsibility