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Old Good Tom acoustic-ambient / Děčín

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Text skladby I...

z alba 100 Years of Loneliness - EP

Autor hudby: Old Good Tom
Autor textu: Old Good Tom

I, I take off my shirt now
So you could see, where the skin's covering my heart
I, I take off my boots now
So you could see, I'm also walking on this ground

I, don’t want to walk on anymore
Alone, with my skin
I’m pretty sure, don’t hear your voice over my shoulder
Just all my past, like the black clouds of yesterdays

Don't listen to me, If you don't want to understand
I've never been here, in this place, before
Don't talk to me, if you already made your own answers
And if you see, an another world in your mind

I, I search for plenty of water
Where I could fall into, no matter how deep
Do not care about the cold and the darkness
Just carrying on, to find my deepest peace

I, I feel pretty tired
Cause you make me sick, sick of the anger on your lips
And with this illness, that you spread around my nowadays
You poison my stars and you make all my bushes dry

All my bushes…