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The Oakland Sisters garage-folk / Brno

„Čertovský country“

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Text skladby Blood Running Cold

z alba Introducing... The Oakland Sisters

Autor hudby: Tom Oakland
Autor textu: Tom Oakland

Blood Running Cold
The Oakland Sisters

The sun was a-risin', was early one May
'Was out in the fields at the start of the day
The world lay all empty so I sat on a wall
My pen in my hand when I heard someone call
I jumped off and looked 'round, what could I do?
I ran to the forest where I found you

You swung from an oak tree, 'was scared to behold
'Took to my heels and my blood ran cold

I ran to the farmhouse, 'was quiet inside
My grief, it took over, I sat down and cried
As I trembled sobbing someone stroked my head
'Was my gray-haired mother, I told her you're dead
In five long minutes the whole farm ran out
To your dead body 'told mamma about

They saw you there swinging, 'was as I had told
They cut you down and my blood ran cold

I ran to the forest, I sat by a creek
Eyes full of tears and mouth too dry to speak
When I came home, I sat on the stair
They clothed you in white, put a flower in your hair
You looked oh so pretty, you finally found peace
And in your hand holding a violet heartsease

I know I will miss you a thousand-fold
I hid my face and my blood ran cold

'Was father, he killed you, he did like to drink
May these words stay written in indellible ink
'Was he who did beat you, 'was he with the cane
I did try to stop him but drink drove him insane
But had I known, sister, what you would do
I'd kill our father and he'd never kill you

And now years later, I feel I am old
And soon I will join you in the kingdom of gold
And soon I will join you in the kingdom of gold