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Moral Insanity death-metal / Vyškov

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Text skladby Slave of Dreams

z alba Hatred

Autor hudby: Moral Insanity
Autor textu: Mira Šebesta

All your life is black-and-white
You don't know what you want
Fear of reality itch to fly
You can't live but don't want to die
Shining fate in your hand
Is the key to paradise
Little pin brings your dream
And you believe that dreams don't lie

Say me what you wait
When you're addicted to sweet dreaming
From your fucking life
Without hope forget is easy now

You never crying
Won't know the tears
Slowly dying
Slave of own dreams

Empty life days without dawn
Despair reigns over your mind
You're lonely down and out
False ideas make you dlind
Open your eyes and you will see
World this same like it was
You can't change everything
Tommorow is dreadful ghost

Say me what you wait...
Say me what you wait...

Game for life you never win
End is nearer than you mean
You sold your soul to the devil
Return back is upossible

Say me what you wait...