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Moral Insanity death-metal / Vyškov

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Text skladby Flight to the Light

z alba Hatred

Autor hudby: Moral Insanity
Autor textu: Mira Šebesta

Life is beautiful but no for me
And my maltreated mind
Through my head flashes one question
Why must I to die so young?

Fate isn't merciful to me
My deal is waiting for death
My way is so short and painful
There isn't chance to goin back

Sweet sleeping is coming slowly
Pain is flying off on the wings
Of my dreams I'm dying in peace
Forgotten and without tears

My soul is so free suddenly
Peace of mind shown on my face
I'm looking on my dead body
From somewhere of other space

I'm going on my last journey
All around is flooted with light
Unknown feeling of hapiness
Draws me with its immense might

Real world disappears somewhere far off
Wish don't wake up is not crime
Blood congeals in my veins slowly
I want no more turn back time