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Misty Ways gothic-metal / Brno

„Dark Valentine Party 8 4.2.2017 Brno, Favál“

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Text skladby Hallway To The Devil´s Court

z alba Train of Lust

Autor hudby: Derias
Autor textu: Derias, Gorgo

Oh, can you tell me, you pilgrim
oh, just tell me, where I should go
What is there, far in the misty land?
Well, there’s a place I´m not supposed to find

All those spells within my way of dreams
My Father, I know your name very well
Here´s you and your creatures to be my nightmares,
my nightmares to be my friends adjured in time

Dream on
No fear
about the price to pay
When your memories
fade away
day after day

Welcome to the demons howling through the night
My home – just the Hallway to the Devil´s Court
Black gates – and the picture of the mortal´s pain
will take and snatch your soul away

When your memories
fade away
day after day

Unleash the fire and then start to burn
The deadman´s never a liar
You never never return

Oh, I’ll sail away from here
Yeah, lose my senses out of fear
Distant bell still I can hear your hollow sound
Where I should go, now I can’t be told

No one knows
No one knows
No one knows
What do you find there . . .

What do you find there?
Far in the distance
Meet me at the Devil´s Court
Oh, pilgrim, just get away