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Misty Ways gothic-metal / Brno

„Dark Valentine Party 8 4.2.2017 Brno, Favál“

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  • Harvest Moon Garden 7 577 ×
  • Bloodmoon Rising 6 535 ×
  • Beat The Devil By Hell feat. Rob Paterlini (from Dům 66b movie) 3 796 ×
  • Naked Darkness 2 619 ×
  • Deep In The Dusk 4 561 ×
  • Train of Lust - NEW 1 141 ×
  • Omfalos 2 624 ×
  • Too Late For Living 2 659 ×
  • Lucrezia 2 345 ×
  • Wandering Spirit 2 122 ×
  • Endless Dreams 2 402 ×
  • Hallway To The Devil´s Court 3 063 ×

Text skladby Beat The Devil By Hell

z alba Train of Lust

Autor hudby: Derias, Katryna
Autor textu: Derias, Ur

Devil is the master of everything
Devil is still the one
Devil is the ruler of deadly things
Devil is the chosen one
Devil is the master of deceive
Devil has the evil touch
Devil is the the ruler of consciousness
But now he´s the tortured one

This night is full of luck
Your boy is perfect drug
Suddenly creepy knock
Someone´s at your door
Better check it out

Soon will be your house in flames
Somebody starts his games
You see his eyes and blaze
It is Devil at your door
Devil at your door, baby
Beat the Devil by Hell
Just chain him well
and clean the air of his sulphur smell

Spook the Devil by Hell
Just chain him well
The Joker is back, turn the wheel again
Nobody seems to feel
No matter how it´s real
Nobody – can´t you feel?
Devil is at your door,
Devil is at your door

You only run and crawl
Your life is about to fall
This is the same all song
You got Devil in your soul,
Devil in your lap, baby

I am your nightmare in the night
When you´re tossing in your sweat
When you wake up it´s not real
Who do you think you will see?

Beat The Devil by Hell
Just chase him well
And send him back to his frozen Hell