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Lucrecia metal-power / Most

„(Staro)nové album Láska a nenávist v přehrávači“

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Text skladby Fatal Decision

z alba Calm before the Storm

Autor hudby: Mentol
Autor textu: Mentol


It´s night, it´s peace, darkness comes down in the city
Many people in this town are falling asleep
You cannot sleep, remember again
You must to decide, if you want to do it

You always did, wha you didn´t want to
They´re pulling your strings, preparing your end
So begin to live or go away with everything
Do, what you want, your death is coming

Life in the shadow is without sense
You are forever alone
You want to know, what will be tomorrow
Never this black morning

You fight with dream, with your fucking mind
So run away from these sleepless nights
So begin to live, or quickly die
So throw away these fucking lies

Out of this world
Your trouble will be dead
Do it, what you are feeling
And you will never wake

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Spřízněné kapely: 5

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