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LD50 punk-alternative / Warsaw

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Retro punk 4 ever :)




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The band was established in Warsaw in 1979 on a wave of Western punk-rock revolution. First records of Buzzcocks, Clash, Sex Pistols, Specials, Crass, Stranglers were reachable. No one has played like that ever before. Everybody wanted to have a band back then- actual talent did not matter afterall - it s not like punk-rock requires virtuosi. After a few really good concerts, obtaining of reasonable repertioire, constant personal changes, Military Order, and years passing-by, the LD50 has not so much split-up, but rather naturally ceased activity. It was 1985. 17 years later (when did that happen?) on a warm September 2003 afternoon, we have accidentally met in a Sowinski Park, on The Punk Rock Later concert. After a few talks, we have officially re-established the activities! With no particular plans or goals to reach, except maybe that we would be playing relatively simple pieces, with no tricks, no searches, new styles- none of that; just a plain retro punk. Bearing in mind what was written about us in a Polish Punk Rock Almanac, that they were killed by the Military Order, and too much searching within non-punk genders (ska, cold wave, new wave). Not a single professionally recorded piece was left by them. Of written materials- just a single article in Jazz magazine (1981), and brief notes in "Polish Punk" album, we decided it's about time to actually record something. Early 2006, we have entered the professional studio, and with great credits to Darek Leonowicz, we have recorded 17 pieces, inspired with what we played before. We are truly happy these are some plain, dynamic, and retro-style punk pieces. This February, we have signed a contract with Rockers Publishing, for a release of "RETROPUNK"; album. Available starting March 19th, 2007.


more mp3 video news on www.ld50punk.pl 

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