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Laburnum Diver metal / Zvolen

„we wander, oh souľ“

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  • Sun and Shadow- Demo 2013 (2013) 175 ×
  • Dream of the Origins- Demo 2013 (2013) 201 ×
  • Hiding in Light- Demo 2013 (2013) 320 ×
  • The Cosmos- Demo 2013 (2013) 348 ×

Text skladby Sun And Shadow

z alba Demo 2013

Autor hudby: Laburnum Diver
Autor textu: Jakub Krátky

Sun and shadow, fighting on the stone
The work of almighty human hands
Every single day the battle begins again.

Gleam of an eye can unveil everything
In endless nights of laughter and discoveries
The world opens wide
And every touch of string, of loyalty, of life
can lead new way beyond the horizons.

When liers cry in flames
Others spitting in their face
Their faith once again suffocates in swirling dust of ruins

All is there!
In coldness of stone
In sweat, in whisper of wings

Every colour, every sight
Scent of a woman, dark letters of wisdom
Everything's a journey to universe of possibilities
To a carcinoma of thoughts
Seen in details or in its whole greatness
Both are infinite
And paramount

Evolution goes forth
Old drawings up in flames
And with the last breath
The circle closes

All is there!
In coldness of stone
In sweat, in whisper of wings
All is there.