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Laburnum Diver metal / Zvolen

„we wander, oh souľ“

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Text skladby Dream Of The Origins

z alba Demo 2013

Autor hudby: Laburnum Diver
Autor textu: Herman Hesse, preklad Jakub Krátky

The nice inner gloom has opened,
The warm cradle of the soul, lost homeland
Time of formless being.
The first hesitant thrill above the fountain
under which primeval times of ancients slumber
of forests dreaming.

So fumble, oh soul,
just wander,
Pick blindly in sate bath of innocent instincts
of chiaroscuro.
I know you, gloomy soul,
nothing's more necessary for you
Nothing can saturate you so
can extinguish your thirst
like a return to your origins.

Here around you a wave rustles
and you're the wave
Rustles a wood and you're the wood
Now there's no oustide and there's no inside.
You are a bird, flying with the winds!
You are a fish, swimming in the sea!
You devour light and you are the light
and as you taste the darkness, you become the night.

We wander, oh soul,
we swim and we fly and we smile.
By tender spiritual fingers disrupted threads again we bind.
Blissfully we stop the failed vibration.
No longer we do seek god,
for we are god
and we are the world
We kill as we die.
And we create and rise again with our dreams.

Our nicest dream is the blue sky!
Our nicest dream is the sea
Our nicest dream is a clear starry night
And it's a fish
and it's a bright joyful sound
And it's a crystalline joyful light.
All is our dream!
Every thing is our nicest dream!

We have just died and became the Earth
We have just discovered the laughter
We have just died and became the Earth
We have just discovered the laughter.