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bře čt 23

De ImperfAction & Mala Ruckus: Smells Like Music


Chapeau Rouge

Jakubská 647, Praha 1, Praha
Ukázat na mapě
100 czk
A joint show of two international bands who made Prague their home:
Gig announcement on Bandzone.cz: http://bit.ly/2kRW5st

= De ImperfAction =
A neo-funk rock band De ImperfAction brought together a group of talented aspiring musicians from four continents. Their compositions reflect a wide range of social injustice: they speak up about growing lack of privacy on a planet; about the enormous amount of rape and murder in the world; about our hardened unholy generation; about people becoming social toys; about disconnection and desolation of a modern man, lost and outcast.

Their style is a quirky mix of a heavy funk rock with the bits of rap set on the Baroque harmonies.

= Mala Ruckus =
Mala Ruckus is an indie alternative rock band formed in Dalian, China, and presently based in Prague.

The band's sound comes from an assorted range of influences, due in part to the varied backgrounds of the individual members. Folk, rock and alternative music are blended with melodious group harmonies and sincere lyrics.

The members met and formed the group in 2013 and have played in a multitude of cities in China, establishing a reputation for their energetic live shows.
Správci koncertu:
Deimperfaction, ´Chapeau Rouge klub Praha ´, Bonbónek
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