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Karge Meri hardcore / Košice

„New music soon !“

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Text skladby Vultures

z alba Specters

Autor hudby: Karge Meri
Autor textu: Karge Meri

All my aspirations fade like the smoke from the morning cigarette - while my lungs are filling with the filth of regret - soul-crushing ache trying to take - trying to break my dreams - I´m a falcon with broken wings crushing in to the ground - Paralyzed, I am stuck and fear of change hunts me like a hound - sinking into a lake of sorrow and self-pity, waiting to be drowned - while the answers to my questions are nowhere to be found - crumbled fragments of my own essence lie quietly in the ruins of my pride - while the vultures are waiting for my fall, I decide to lead one last battle in this war - and as I take aim and roar with a broken throat, I realize my history´s not worth fighting for - I drown my past in the fire of memories - so I can watch new life rise from the ashes - Rise