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Karge Meri hardcore / Košice

„New music soon !“

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Text skladby Pillar

z alba Specters

Autor hudby: Karge Meri
Autor textu: Karge Meri

Like a pole in the flood - you watch the world break down - worn out palms are protecting your modest home - hands numbed by frost of olden winters - but still strong enough to hold the roof above - endless days - restless nights - Years of chasing tiny sparks of better - tomorrow vanishing in toneless mist - with head in the clouds - but feet on the ground - with bare feet you keep walking - the road - covered with the shards - in these times when empathy is dead - and our ghosts are haunted by themselves - we´ve built the house that firmly stands on sand - carrying the fire in storms of consciousness - with pride and great admiration I look up at you now - and wish one day I could be so tireless and stoic - through these lines I promise that I will die trying - so one day you can see me the way I see you now - when life will sink its teeth - deeper in my skin - your blood in my veins - will show me way back home.