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John Wolfhooker alternative-rock / Praha


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Text skladby Lana Backwards (feat. Ashley)

z alba John Wolfhooker

Welcome to the World where
glasses are full and music‘s loud
where people keep dancin‘
even though it´s six feet underground
From the East to the West guess
who´s the best
I suggest you have a toast while
getting arrested taste it
you wasted peace of sh*t
if you got a problem
you can suck my D.!

Of all the ladies in the house
you´re the one that ignores us
so if you‘re feelin‘ blue
I may go down on you
to change your mind

So just watch´n´adore
cause hun I ain‘t gonna bore
cause I roar like a beast without the double D's
that's why you see me
oh actually, can you really see me?
cause I'm not talking ´bout being so furious
Since I don't really need no damn
of those thing so luxurious but

just to be honest
can you say oh damn her
a(ya) mother say just
let a sicker get wrong

I don‘t wanna see you anymore
‘cause there is nothing left to see