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Ivory Gate acoustic-world music / Kadaň

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Text skladby Path to Eternity

z alba The Years That Passed

Autor hudby: Štěpán Langer
Autor textu: Štěpán Langer

I stand where there’s no way on
this is the end of it all
I feel nothing but my pounding heart
do I dare to enter the hall

Finaly I’ve found what I missed
but he doesn’t see me, what’s wrong
please wake up and speak to me loud
don’t you remember our song

Roses sleep and wait for the Sun
until its rays warms the earth
with their scent new life begins
then shall be Spring once again

"What is this place
it’s so empty and cold
now I see clear
what I couldn’t behold
your tears melted my heart
and opened my eyes
now I know there is
only one way for us
to Eternity"

When the winds carry the snow
and all hope is turning forlorn
I must stride with heart open wide
it leads me through the unknown

When the winds carry the snow
and all hope is turning forlorn
we must stride with heart open wide
the path to Eternity is through