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Havocum black-metal / Dublin

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  • Usurper - Succumb to Havocum (REMASTERED) 17 ×
  • Iniquity Genuine (REMASTERED) 16 ×
  • Hyperboreans (REMASTERED) 10 ×

Text skladby Nihil

z alba Apogeum Havocum

Autor hudby: Hans / Radek
Autor textu: Hans


Through a thousand nights I pass
as time, unstoppable..
possessed by blood or lust,
is this the legacy of monster me?

I’m of the hollow and odd creations,
Though I don’t intend ending my deeds
Know this, my words are proof of silence...

I shall bring doom and chaos,
wind and storm in the sky spread with blood
I am the Lord of terror and truth,
who will show the way to us "the infidels".

I’ll kill the old world,
I’ll break all the saints’ wings,
tearing all rules to pieces,
nothing shall ever remain

new values will replace corrupted dogma.

Restoration of the worlds will destroy all the servants’ paradise,
which would have never existed.
The end of holy values,
The beginning of the essence of dark existence!!