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Hash rock-rock'n'roll / Trnava

„HASH box set "MATROŠ"“

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Text skladby We're Cast In the Same Mould

z alba Rock and Roll Trip

Autor hudby: M.Gajarský
Autor textu: M.Gajarský

I know a place simple road leads us there
Where filth we are hiding inside can be left
It´s easy to give up one´s thoughts there
To dismiss all traits from one self
It´s possible to shout out your secret dreams there

Faceing emptiness ,clouds near at hand, painted landscape below me
At the mercy of nature that made us, I stand here amazed
Thinking why ? we are sawing branch under our feet
I hope we become aware

Everyone´s got a right to live on this place
To breathe the air that doesn´t belong to me or you
So let´s cherish what we have it will be easier to live
Don´t do things you don´t want others to do to you

I belong to you
You belong to me
You know
We are cast in the same mould