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Hash rock-rock'n'roll / Trnava

„HASH box set "MATROŠ"“

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Text skladby Tell Me

z alba First Aid

Autor hudby: M. Gajarský
Autor textu: J.Lužák

Birds are flowing without desires
Thousand worlds of pain leaving behind
Voices of the hungry ghosts never touch their mind
Purpose of the fallen leaves they don't try to find.

Pain of loneliness
Pouring through the broken mirror
Pain of war
Crawling inside shattered soul
Pain of Tv
Pain of time
Pain of existence
Pain of lies
Pain of shopping malls
Pain of war
Never never touch their mind

Tell me Tell me (little bird), What I ever knew
Tell me tell me, All we need is pass through
On train station next to me, some little baby cries
Revelation of the truth, mirrors in her eyes

Truth of emptiness
Truth of nignt
Truth of broken dreams
Truth of fire
Truth of painfulness
Truth of stars
Truth of everlasting dream

Tell me tell me, Tell me What I ever knew
Tell me tell me, All we need is pass through

Don't trust nobody
Whatever they say
There is an answer
In the pouring rain
There is no way

Su should find
Except the one inside