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The Fall of Ghostface post hardcore-rock'n'roll / Opava


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Text skladby March of the Ninja Squids

z alba Secret Ingredient Part I.

Autor hudby: Adam Uvíra, Petr Janoš
Autor textu: Jan Pater

Cruising through the streets I hear familiar screams
and with people running I already know what it means
Now everyting I care about is my own safety
We're being invaded to be obliterated
Don't you think your mom had made it, she's too fat to get evaded
and shit's getting hasty (Haha, yo momma)

Well you better buckle up cause they are back in black
and get everybody ready for the next squid attack

We should stop wondering if it makes any sense
and we better cover from the stream of their shurikens
For this time it appears they left their sabres at home
Now it’s sons of bitches coming at us with katana swords

What's the reason for this treason?
I mean, who expected their return in this freakin season?
I guess despising all the prophecies isn't as cool as it seems
but could someone please explain what all of this really means?

Watcha lookin’ at? You think I’m crazy?“Yup.”

So get everybody ready for the next squid attack
Oh, It’s making me dizzy

I guess that even though we may have thought there was no possiblity
it seems that last time when we fought we perished in naivity
So where's the gravity? (I don’t know)
When the world's upside down, there is not a bit of fun
News going crazy, maybe
we should have listened to those bearded babies
So why the squids that are dooling like they're having rabies?
It must be the absurdity reflecting our stupidity
Do we have to fight random monsters for eternity?