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For Tape hardcore-punk / Levice

„2012 - 2017“

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Text skladby Killer's Soul

z alba Charming Places

Autor hudby: For Tape
Autor textu: Tomáš Ďurči

In this world there is
No place for a freak like me
False hope doesn’t help
I need to see true colors

The truth is always painful
Even if it’s positive
Cause there’s no place for
A discussion in it

Gather around my house
And build me an altar
For my naive occult games
Like in foreign movies
I would do anything
To save my damned soul
So I play with fire
And try to find my friends again

Soldiers laid their weapons down
Their mothers cry
Sons lost in the winter war
At least they tried

Soldiers dropped their lives in silence
Who will save their souls?
They killed other sons
And their mothers cry