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For Tape hardcore-punk / Levice

„2012 - 2017“

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Text skladby Mediocre Teenage Misfit

z alba In Society

Autor hudby: For Tape
Autor textu: Tomáš Ďurči

When I was fifteen I was just an average kid.
Without friends but with fire in my heart.
I spent hours in my room only me and my guitar.
Listening to punk rock was the only way out.
I was trying to socialize but that mission soon failed.
I was longing to become one of those who prevailed.

I was strong enough to say what I feel,
I was dumb enough to think they would kneel,
I was cheeky enough to ask for a change,
And blinded to see that I was in a cage.

When I was seventeen my life had just begun.
With a lot of friends I felt lost so many times.
I knew there was a tiny place built for me.
But filling it with people crushed my intimacy.
I was trying to fit my shoes but the pain remained the same.
I was searching for a guiding voice but the sound never came.

All this history composed the person I am.
All this misery carved the grown-up man.
All those experiences built this tower of words.
With a faded picture of my face on its top.