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For Tape hardcore-punk / Levice

„2012 - 2017“

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Text skladby Question of Faith

z alba In Society

Autor hudby: For Tape
Autor textu: Tomáš Ďurči

Follow their steps and you will see the sunrise.
Follow their rules and you will reach the kingdom.
But they will never tell you: Use your own mind.
And so I ask: Is this the only way that leads to faith?

Born into this sinful place,
Governed by the human race,
Where the desire of a man is to be followed.
Like sheep on grass fields,
You obey what claim your priests,
But many questions have more than one answer.

Rational knowledge feeds the devil in you.
The original sin sticks to you like a glue.
So you better confess your deeds to avoid hell.
Your fear’s the strongest gun in their hands.

Eat their stories and wait for your salvation,
It’s not for me, I live right now and here.