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For Tape hardcore-punk / Levice

„2012 - 2017“

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Text skladby Bloody Migraine

z alba The Way I Choose

Autor hudby: For Tape
Autor textu: Jozef Krajči

I know that things are easier to say than to do,
That’s the truth, I’m not a fool, it's the effort that matters,
That doesn’t scatter, and I’d rather be like my mother,
And father who work hard, so I don’t have to bother,
With nothing other than finishing my alma mater.

Let’s fail them no more,
Let us be determined,
Let us try hardcore,
Let us make them proud,
They deserve it.

So our parents are not constantly just being hugged,
And are being fucked with, by their very own children,
The only thing we give them is a bloody migraine,
Despite our lies and broken promises,
They never refuse to give us more opportunities.