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For Tape hardcore-punk / Levice

„2012 - 2017“

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Text skladby All Equal

z alba On the Waves

Autor hudby: For Tape
Autor textu: Jozef Krajči

I’ll reduce debt, I’ll lower tax,
As long as I can steal some bucks.
I’ll raise your wage, cut the crime rate,
Loot the state funds, a full-time pirate.
Savour the moment, hero’s come,
Too much freedom, let me have some.

Make this world place to live in,
For me, myself and next of kin.
Protests, riots, pissed off people,
We’ll just ignore them completely.
What gives them rights to command me?
Don’t you dare say democracy!

Democracy gives you the power to decide,
A traitor, a murderer. Who shall have the might?
They’ll advise you to choose the smaller evil,
This democracy just so goddamn ideal.

Freedom and justice and social guarantees,
All I need – your vote in the elections, please.
Whatever you say, Asian or gay,
I’ll bear that in mind, so you know I’m the kind.
Public opinion guide me – I’m your tool,
So I can wipe my ass with you when I rule.