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Fishartcollection hardcore-crossover / Trnava

„...tvoríme, koncertujeme, modelujeme...“

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Text skladby The Little Match Girl: Part I

z alba In Oil

Autor hudby: Fishartcollection
Autor textu: Ivan L.

most terribly cold it was
the last evening of the year
a poor little girl
bareheaded, with naked feet

a bundle of matches in her hand
she crept along
trembling with cold and hunger
a very picture of sorrow

when - the match went out
the match went out
and nothing but the thick, cold, damp wall
was left behind

to go home she did not venture
a match might afford her comfort
how it blazed, how it burnt
it was a wonderful light

when - the match went out

as though she was sitting before a stove
the fire burned so delightfully
stretching out her feet to warm them
but the small flame went out

she rubbed another against the wall
it burned brightly
the wall became transparent
the roast goose was steaming

it hopped down from the dish
reeled about on the floor
with knife and fork in its breast
till it came up to the little girl

she lighted another match
she sat under a christmas tree
larger and more decorated
than the one in the merchant's house

the match went out again
the christmas tree lights rose higher
she saw them now as stars in heaven
one falling down in a trail of fire

when - the match went out