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Požární jezdec90 Muž, 28 let / USA -Chicago-Illinois / Uherské Hradiště - CZ

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OK new poem for band zone

Friends are like emeralds and saphires but a love is a diamond. Queen of souls and warrior of hearts and minds. In the dead of night the wandering things that creep and crawl come out to greet her as among them. Ever still she stands out like a shadow with no light source or a apple that falls upwards toward the moon. Dust of gold and silver platting surround her soul yet scarely come near to  corrupting her.  Peace gained from songs rearanged to strike truth to the core of the emperor. Kingdoms crumble from lack of  discipline and loss of faith in the unknowns ability to positivly affect us all. Pain is home and forgivness second nature to the outsiders of this world. Soft angelic humming sends the majority of creatures runninng yet silence's power is sublime. Unravell your fears and doubts and embrace your lovers soul.

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Požární jezdec90

Its always so quiet on here. Might be language barrier or that its a music site and I don't yet have music. Thats my guitar I keep it here in my room. Bought a guitar buddy teaching stuff. Still doesn't make up for no human training. I enjoy writing and have too much free time not have written hundreds of poems. Many different stlyes and genres. Even delved into philosophy and religious studies of all religions. I get bored easly so I like to learn. I want to learn czech and as many languages as possible. Its very fun to try and grow.

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