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Ethos of Nemesis hardcore-metalcore / Mariánské Lázně / Tachov

„Nové CD je tu!!!!“

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Text skladby Few Words

z alba Into Eternity

Few words
(from a newschool bard)

We 'we hiding ourselves, trying to separate, playing our roles, in this whole masquerade. How can we consider someone as prominent. We´re standing on the same floor. Are we so different? Too different?

My heart is still open, my mind never changed, but in this twisted world, we call it weakness. Fly low with your mind, there are searching radars, all want to know your thoughts – this is our sickness.

I´m like you, you are like me, there is no one, who cannot be free. I´m like you, you are like me, try to feel what I see.

I´m like you, you are like me, all of man shall be free. I´m like you, you are like me, souls aiming into eternity.

Trust me or leave it. We all share one way. Through all of being – to infinity.