Epicardiectomy death-metal / Praha

„Putreseminal Morphodispastic Virulency - OUT NOW“

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  • NEW Gorging on Fetal Innards - 2K14- Putreseminal Morphodispastic Virulency (2014) 93 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • NEW Masticate the Skinned - 2K14- Putreseminal Morphodispastic Virulency (2014) 43 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • NEW Feculent Colostomy - 2K14- Putreseminal Morphodispastic Virulency (2014) 31 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Deranged Self-mutilating Emasculation - Promo 2K13 1 435 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Gobbling The Erupted Intestinal Mash - 2K12- Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration (2012) 1 778 ×
  • Defleshed and Wormed - 2K12- Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration (2012) 933 ×
  • Ulcerous Cadaveric Decrepitation - Promo 2K11 1 637 ×
  • Phallus Decapitation - Promo 2K11 1 092 ×
  • Endocystic Regurgitation - Split / Kraanium 2K11 1 342 ×
  • Decomposed Entrails Colonoscopy - Split / Kraanium 2K11 1 323 ×




Whats up you sickos! We have some important news for ya.

Unfortonately we parted ways with our vocalist and dear friend Tom. Due to the personal reasons he can't continue to work with the band anymore. We wish him all the best, he remains our great friend and unseparate and very imprortnat part of Epicardiectomy..

Now we would like to introduce and want you to welcome to our big Slamily a new member and our new vocalist - Andrew! This guy is sick as fuck and we personally love his style! Check us out in a new line-up on one of a bunch of shows we already booked for this year. We also want you to know that we started working on a new promo material which will slam you to the fucking ground!

Cheers and stay tuned!

Our oficial store is back !!!!
Get something from us, Wiggas !!!


Hey Slam bastardz :-D

we have recorded our new promo and we are fucking proud. Get ready for sick new tracks. Pre-order fucking soon! We will also reveal covert art for our new promo. AVAILABLE AS DIGIPACK !!! Get ready for Czech Bulldozering Slammage

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Basement Confinement

ahoj,jestli máš rád grindcore,tak zkus podpořit nějakou z těchto akcí: DISTURBANCE PROJECT (grind,madrid) + RAGEOUS INTENT (grind,madrid)
25.4. brno,vegalite + HIGH PURITY,KONFIDENT
26.4. uh.hradiště,mír + BOLEST BUDE VĚTŠÍ (vstup: 70kč)
27.4. žiar nad hronom,holy cross pub + ALEA IACTA EST
29.4. bratislava,fuga + ALEA IACTA EST
30.4. praha,baryton + NEEDFUL THINGS,FLUMMOX
01.5. orlová,futra + SHEEVA YOGA

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