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Emerald Shine metal / Nový Jičín

„Podzimní koncerty, práce na klipu a na albu!“

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Text skladby Frozen Empire

z alba Beneath the Stars EP

Autor hudby: Emerald Shine
Autor textu: Leena

Cold winds from Siwer have turned the dew
Into tough pearls of white and blue

Winter Queen has shown her strength
Gained the reign upon this land
Covered all the blooms and grass with snow
Icy pearls instead of flowers grow

Winds blow through the numb
Trees that watch the land
Like wanderers from the past
Flakes dance in the air
Pearls spark everywhere
How long shall this wonder last?

Frozen empire of icy thorns
Now extends there where once grew a wild rose
A fairy sleeps in the frozen bloom
Until the sun rays of spring free her home

Winter Queen, you`ve shown your strength
You’ve gained the reign upon this land
Covered all the trees and plants with snow
Icy thorns instead of roses grow

Hear the nymph as she`s sleeping
Fear resounds in her weeping
And her whispering to the night
„Sun, don`t leave me unheard
Shine on this cold white world
Melt the snow with your flaming light

This cold winter art
Is freezing my heart and mind.“

The first rays touch the snow
The first drops of water flow
The sun has come
To free the long frozen land

Now you`re free, fairy, fly
Once again you have won
Though this endless fight will go on
Wake the life, heal the ground
Make it thrive till there`s time
Soon your icy foe will return
(She will come back again)