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Emerald Shine metal / Nový Jičín

„Podzimní koncerty, práce na klipu a na albu!“

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Text skladby Neverending Fantasy

z alba Beneath the Stars EP

Autor hudby: Emerald Shine
Autor textu: Leena

A world of ancient mysteries
A neverending fantasy
Let`s close our eyes and start to dream
Forsake the reality

He made this world for all of us
Who sometimes need to take a rest
From all the rush of nowadays
Who sometimes need to get away

Let`s find ourselves in Middle-earth
Just for a while let`s dive into that dreamy world

A world once raised from harmony
Soon faded into vanity
Though spoiled and broken many times
Till now its endless charm survives

Let`s find ourselves in Middle-earth
Still proud and wonderful despite its tearful fate

A world of marvels, formerly
Intended to be orderly
With light of lamps raised high above
The spring of earth, the birth of life

When oceans split the rounded land
Its symmetry and shapes were marred
And darkness fell on Middle-earth
Where soon the Children were to awake

First home to Elves beneath the stars
In forests of Beleriand
Before the years of mortal Men
For Dark Lords easy to enslave

But also others walked this ground
Who proved to have undaunted hearts
For, as the wisest have foreseen,
The smallest persons can perform the greatest deeds

In growing darkness hope shall gleam
For those who still in light believe
In endless wars and battles fought
The freedom has been never lost

The age of peace, the age of men
The darkness has been chased away
Yet scars of evil still remain
Until the world is formed again

The Enemy when meets his doom
When seas and lands are laid in ruins
When the Mountains fall and the Trees shine bright
A new world will arise in light

Let’s find ourselves in Middle-earth
Just for a while let`s dive into its myths and tales

Let’s find ourselves in Middle-earth
Reveal the wisdom hidden in its myths and tales