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Ellenséges Gombóc death-progressive / Hell

„Knedličí recenze zde!“

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Ellenséges Gombóc - Drame de cuisine (Kitchen Drama)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 12.12.2017
While our heroes are fighting on many fronts, our veggie government is fighting their own war with the Fruit Corp. The Fruit Corp is gaining all the income from this conflict, and is slowly taking over the Calamari News channel and other media giants. Meanwhile unknown source confirmed, that two groups of veggies and pasta went missing in Japan and Transylvania. These two groups were looking for elder force, that might be able to end this conflict once and for all and restore the balance to the world.

Independent Media

Tears running down my face
without a shame neither a disgrace
With every slice I feel such a relief
I am cutting them like a master chef
Onions will teach you a lesson and so will I

With every spice
or slice, of onion or pepper
You will wish,
you will die, but why

Why you even figging try, so much to suppress
all what makes you feel better
Tell me how, does it, feel?!

Apple oven will roast your brain…
false visionaries build for you unescapable chain

When you’re being cooked, by the cook that is so crocked then you realize
that you have destroyed, every little piece of you
that was still unspoiled is now enslaved and on a fancy appliances,
you are so doomed and also so much hooked

You and all of your friends so called the big crew
Are being boiled like all those potatoes, meat and others
Slowly being transformed into the delicious dish also known as stew
Yumy Yum, Yumy Yum, Yum Yumy,
le delikates

---------------------------------------- --
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or download it at https://ellensgesgombc.bandcamp.com

Recording, edit and pre-mix - United Cowdom
Mix, master - M2 studio
Art - Milan Mátl

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04. prosince 2017

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