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Pavel Dvořák progressive-experimental / České Budějovice

„New song added! :)“

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  • 18 ×
  • The Second Soul 282 ×
  • Intro (Z deníku židovky - OST) 93 ×
  • Epilog (Z deníku židovky - OST) 87 ×
  • Timeless 550 ×
  • Michael's theme 217 ×
  • Funboard 304 ×
  • New World 238 ×
  • Thousand thoughts 193 ×
  • Voice from the deep 158 ×
  • Midnight Fantasies 566 ×
  • A sign of shadows 243 ×
  • Silent End 386 ×
  • New Days (Rainy Days 2012) 257 ×
  • You said goodbye (In Memoriam) 290 ×

Dvorkys - Voice From The Deep (Cinematic experiment)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 28.10.2013
Hey YouTubes, I'm back with another experiment!
Couple of months ago I came with a small idea... Fighter jets, action scenes, military technologies and music... How it works? Yes, first thing I got was something like "C'mon, it's a soundtrack!!"... But I wanted to explore another dimension in music - industrial orchestral scoring... :) Ok, to be honest.. Actually I don't know any idea about movie-scoring... But as someone said: You have to try it! :)
Soo, another thing, which took me lots of time is video production.. I was thinking for few weeks about doing videos, improving quality of soundscapes, etc. And those things I finally turned into this video.
VOICE FROM THE DEEP is a name of this instrumental piece - this is one of my experiments with more electric and orchestral sounds and the first different video production - I tried to make a kind of "movie soundtrack". that means I decided to take few nice videos containing very very great action shots of military technicals.
The following scenes are from: Sky Fighters (TV series),
Operation Red flag (documentary),
Ka-52 Alligator (documentary),
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2,
Samsung BluRay (Heli commercial)

Feel free to write any opinions, would be definitely great!
Thank you for your fantastic support, cheers!