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Circus Brothers dance music-klezmer / Prague

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Text skladby Rain and air

z alba Born not typical

Autor hudby: Jirka Čevela / arr. Circus Problem
Autor textu: Jirka Čevela

We are another package from east block
falling down from the sky to the west
We've got something to say to this bollocks
provide service all know is not the best

Squeezing us all like we were just numbers
value us less than your cup of tea
We are next really pissed of travellers 
fucked up and squeezed in rain and air flights over the sea

Instead of crashing planes in the airport
and charging everyone for extra crap
Michael you should find a bit more effort 
from these flights people just getting mad

Hey O’Leary we had fragile east hearts
but now we say: Fuck you and your dogs
Nothing broken on your flying blue harp
but we were cheated in rain and air flights over the sea

Walking down from that plane We’ve seen that fella
throwing kicking crashing our instruments

Hey you mother fucker, you should show a bit more kindness
that shit you throw we play us east Europeans

Security monkey yell you dog walk line till the end
otherwise we kick you out with no compliments

That’s the story of us poor guy coming to the Ireland
performing east music with the broken instruments

We all Easters are quite big value 
but one by one we’re just shit on your seat
Keep you fucking low budget flight menu
it stinks here in rain and air flights over the sea