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Black Light thrash-death / Košice

„Thrash Over Czechoslovakia Tour 19.8.- 9.9. 2017“

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Text skladby When?

z alba Name Of The One

Autor hudby: Mlích, Železník
Autor textu: Tomáš

Once we see the fear,
once we hear the pain.
Once the blood is pushed forever
inside our tattered brains.

The overseer forgot his creation,
he lets us have our fights.
We kill and die for false beliefs,
spilled blood will cover our sights.

When we forget to live,
when we forget how.
When we forsake the peace
and crush the skull of our dove.
Will we then feel satisfied?
Will we then be done?
These wars take pn too long
and innocent lives are gone.

Now millions are crying
for all the lost lives.
So some can live in heaven
and others pull out their knives.

What needs to happen,
to fully change our thoughts?
Why don't we still get it?
Just staying doomed and lost.

The endless cycle of death,
that we all on us brought.
Casualties who´s heads
we aimed at and shot.

Is this how we find peace?
Is this how we find freedom?
Killing the innocents with all
their rights beaten.

We have to wake up
and theres nothing waiting.
No heaven no hell,
no reward for detonating.
Screams of the hurt
will once outvoice us all.
And that moment will born the day
when mankind will fall!