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Black Light thrash-death / Košice

„Thrash Over Czechoslovakia Tour 19.8.- 9.9. 2017“

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Text skladby Under Cage

z alba Name Of The One

Autor hudby: Mlích
Autor textu: Mlích

Everyday hurry to forget how to live,
we think our endless lives.
Starting and leaving that same routine jobs,
with false, put-up smiles.

People leave their hobbies and passions
just to keep their hitching walk.
Be successful by doing nothing,
nothing, just talk.

Ain´t got no time, even for stress,
in bad mood decided to stay.
Regreting yourself, looking at watches,
how fast time slips away.

Doing things, they want you to do,
because that´s what they said.
Better do my duties soon,
give up change, call it fate.

Just got up, it´s already night,
feel your heart is getting hard.
Daily rituals- without the soul!
And life dissolves like fart.

Just fell asleep, it´s already morning,
feel your life don´t have a sense.
Getting older without any warning
and had no time for defense.

Comparing our living, be good at nothing,
but blame everyone else.
Erasing our brains, desire to have fame,
excepting it to come by itself.

Ain´t got no time even for stress,
time only for work devided.
Regreting his life, no time to rest.
Hate everyone else he decided!