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Black Light thrash-death / Košice

„Thrash Over Czechoslovakia Tour 19.8.- 9.9. 2017“

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Text skladby Name Of The One

z alba Name Of The One

Autor hudby: Matúš Mlích, Patrik Šedo
Autor textu: Martin Tomáš

You all know my name,
it sends shivers down your spine.
Still you seem not afraid of me.
In your souls you bear my shrine!

Believe in my being,
praise my holy deeds.
Grant me my will,
follow my sacred creeds.

I´ll make you live
and I´ll make you die.
I´ll make you go through it all,
everything your money won´t buy.

Sitting on my throne,
I´m judging you well.
You can´t escape your faith,
once i rumble the bell.

So don´t try to upset me,
don´t ever let me down.
Keep your soul dark
and I shall still wear the crown!

Greed is what you´re made of,
hate is all you can see.
You became exactly how i wanted it.
Your minds won´t ever be free.

You´re lost in darkness forever,
your actions made you mine.
For your own stupid comfort
you forgot you had a spine.

In my home you´ll be awaited forever,
all of humanity is on it´s way down.
I promised you my gratitude
and now in hell you shall drown!