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Black Light thrash-death / Košice

„Thrash Over Czechoslovakia Tour 19.8.- 9.9. 2017“

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Text skladby Muselmanner

z alba Name Of The One

Autor hudby: Matúš Mlích, Marek Železník
Autor textu: Martin Tomáš

I´m waking up
was that a dream?
No, this nightmare is true
I feel an urge to scream.

Suddenly I realize,
I tried so many times,
there´s not enough breath in me
to scream my epitaph lines.

Another day spent in this hell,
not sure if I can get trough.
Will they finally end it now?

They´ll just give me a shovel
to dig my own grave.
They won´t say a single word,
I see no other way.

I know my life is over,
my body´s at it´s end.
There´s not much time left for me
no reason to pretend.
All joy left me years ago
but now I let everyone see.
Soon I sure will have to go,
there´ll be no such thing as "me".

I can´t do what they want from me,
I just can´t move my feet.
Yet another excuse for them,
to throw me in hot concrete.

I´ve suffered here a lot
but I´d rather not go yet.
I feel there´s something more for me
a real life I could get.

Let them burn in hell for eternities to come, so they will always remeber the evil they had done!

God, there´s no help for me,
but I want you to remember.
All those people that were lost
since the 2nd of september
Show these whores what it is
to have death knock on your door.
How terrible it is, what they do,
how dumb is this whole war!