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Bestial Therapy death-metal / Moravský Písek

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Text skladby Contract with Devil

z alba Crowned in Dark

Autor hudby: Bestial Therapy
Autor textu: Raven

It is some time ago…
I was young and I want more.
Althouhg I was good man with good life.
Some stranger came to me…
…that he can offer me that more.
All that he wanted was my soul!

So I gave a sign to him…
…by my own blood!
By that time I lose my feeling, taste and love!

Heartless! Lifeless!
…But I can’t die!
So this is my sacrifice!
On the bottom of the abyss…
…I found the mirror.
Help me please!

Please god, please save my soul…
…take back my life!
I can not take it anymore…
…and I can’t cry!
I have signed contract with Devil…
…for eternal life.
And now the greedy demons eat my soul alive!

Heartless! Lifeless!
…But I can’t die!
So this is my sacrifice!
On the bottom of the abyss…
…I met the Devil.
Help me please!

So here you are! The time has come!
You must pay for the contract…
…which you have signed with me!
So I am here! I come for your soul!
All your life and memories now are in my control!“

You can go back to the hell…
…suck your own dick!
Hail! That contract made me stronger demon than you!
You have taken my life!
Now I’m taking your power!
Now I am crowned in the dark!