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April Weeps metal / Dunajská Streda

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Text skladby Waiting For The Sun

z alba Outer Calm, Pain Within

Autor hudby: APRIL WEEPS
Autor textu: APRIL WEEPS

sometimes I feel like deserted planet
there is nobody near and I'm disappearing
like steps in the sand I tried to made
everything's gone, sadness remained

in the darkness, where my being ends
sometimes I need to speak with myself
I'm trying to ignore the lies
forcing me to close my eyes

everything seems to be covered by snow
memories of past are frozen to stone
helpless body belongs to his head
who's the commander and who carries the pain

waiting so long for the sun to come
I need its light to save my soul
all the other stars that I've seen before
I left behind in my hope...

why we must get hurt in our lives to understand
that we all have feelings?
why we must get hurt from our lives to understand
that we are all equal?

sometimes I feel like deserted planet
that was burned between the walls of labyrinth
leaded by fate shortens the way
but it takes too long to get away