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Anstratus thrash-metal / Banská Bystrica


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  • Acid Age- Anstratus (2013) 2 917 ×
  • Reign In Sorrow- Anstratus (2013) 1 856 ×
  • Escape- Anstratus (2013) 1 242 ×
  • Aggressive Attack- Anstratus (2013) 1 065 ×
  • Air Raid Of Noise- Anstratus (2013) 783 ×
  • Destroyed By Anger- Anstratus Demo (2013) 985 ×
  • Warhead- Anstratus Demo (2013) 831 ×

Text skladby Extermination Of Unwanted

z alba After The Strike

Places of fear
Places of death
It´s time to kill
Hold your breath
Carnage has begin
New age of cruel man
Bonded by barbed wire
Surrounded by hellfire

Wall of death
Endless fear
Dark sky turned to black
You want to die and not to be back

You´re trying to escape
You´re dying at the gate
What else can you do
Everything here is true
Hatred and thrill
Pleasure to kill
Something evil
Nothing for retrieval

Slaughter of the innocents
Your only choose is the life or death
Extermination of the unwanted
Loud scream in your last breath
Suffer, Slowly
Hear the scream
It´s happening for real it´s not just a dream
Endless pain that´s all you can feel
Hear the noise and peal