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Anstratus thrash-metal / Banská Bystrica


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Text skladby Escape

z alba Anstratus

This world that I live in, my faith that forsaken me
The pain I was filled with, escaping reality (my)
Mind surrouned by fear, everyone is my enemy
Creepy feeling is still here, I’m against society

My life is empty, my life was burned by hate
Engaged with hatery, I was better with my fate
Reality spoiled me, other world is the other way
Better place to live in, new way to go away

Alone in my world, freedom in my head
There is no space for more, for nothing I regret
It gives me will to live, I had enough of rack
I always lived in fear, noone can take me back

Clouds’ re moving for war, (you) can’t satisfy this race
(our) greed is out of control, I can’t look at my face
War drums play their tone, even misery was raped
All good times are gone, obscenity take this place

There I have no remorse, there I have no regrets
Something I live for, I’m not depressed
No peace and no war, they think they can help
I just want to live, they want to take me back

There’s no respect for law, they want to steal respect
It's not (the) thing i'm going for , morally resurrect
At the end is still dying, it is the way of all flesh
So what does this stand for?, it is hell in my head

This world is falling, and people praying
The raising hell, suicide land
They have to die, can´t win this fight
Merciful suicide

Endless torture I´m dying now
I´m running into my world
Losing my mind I feel free
Fear is gone they bowed

Spit blood in their face, completely disgrace
Awaking wrath, massive earthquake
Devil is laughing, bastards are lying
The empty words

The scream of madness,and growing darkness
We are possessed, it will kill us
Justice is lost, remains their loss
System has failed
This is the end, loosing the friend
Spreading disease, without judgement
The end is near, we´re bonded by fear
We want escape