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Andragona power-metal / Brno

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Text skladby Bury me softly

z alba End Of The Prophesied Dawn


Sleeping in the dark
In the dark I’m not afraid
Reaper walks around
Tasting the ground by frozen hand

See full moon above
Lighting the path of no return
Stars drawing the lines
My dying signs will always burn

Ghosts beyond the gates of dreaming
Dance on the wall
You know I will decease this evening
Make your peace with all my faults

Come into my thirteen chamber
Door will be closed in a while
In a moment

Bury me, bury me softly
Satan in hell, saints in heaven
Keep my sins alive forever
Hear my words ’cause I beseech you
Bury me, bury me softly
Frozen tears fall down unbroken
Secret wishes will be spoken
My last one is let the rite begin

Tasting after-life
After-life as I deserve
No more fantasize
If the other side is same like Earth

Will you be terrestrial keeper of my wasted days?
Soon I will go down and deeper
I feel last warm embrace of you

Light thousand candles on way back
Fire will guide you on pathway when time will come

Bury me, bury me softly
Bury me, bury me softly
Bury me and always remember me