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Alike crossover-rock / Velešín

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  • DESIRE- Desires, hopes and failures (2017) 541 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Indecisive 2 183 ×
  • Falling Down 813 ×
  • OPS- What if? (2015) 2 373 ×
  • UMAIUY- What if? (2015) 1 632 ×
  • Strings- Single - Strings (2013) 2 634 ×
  • the.mask- EP - the.strings (2012) 1 253 ×

Text skladby Unblessed Parasite

z alba Neodpouštěj

Come on!
She - unfading point of crime.
Beside makes no difference of being divine.

Unfold on the river! Blame the receiver!
Come down with believer! No one can see her!

Easily believe in dream tonight – falling into common lie!
Waking up in truth today – your filth and my pain!
Love will leave a scar on you. Lovers will learn it hard way too.
One thing I will now subscribe – I can’t deny THAT:

I’m unblessed parasite!
I’m by you mesmerized!
I’m by you petrified!
I’m leading hypocrite!

Drowning in my river but still giving me your hope.
The sorrow is tomorrow, you’re hanging on my rope.
The lovers can’t deny it!

She – unbleedin’ wax desire!
Sublime lord of heaven made of fire!