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After Evolution symphonic-metal / Zlín

„Listen to the darkest sounds! ...“

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Text skladby The Rain

z alba Threnodies

Sloka :

Rain has written your name
Raindrops are still the same
And I am standing beneath these drops of grief
Raindrops with grace, on my lace
My time is so brief ...

Rain is stroking the leaves
Drops have fell down the trees
So come and go with me through the drops of glass
And everything's upside down
Rain is burning grass!!

Ref :

Feel the cold on your arm
See in clouds the sweet calm
Tears are falling from sky ...
..Are now cry?
Rivulet like the gate
Will be mirror of me!!

Sloka :

Dark clouds with the pain
Let down us to rain
It takes me blame with my sparkle soul
I'm standing here on mountain
If the wolfs can howl

Rain carry my insane
Rain put out the flame
And drops of rain are still falling down with dawn
And rays of sun stroke your arm
Hold it out by rain