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Achsar metal / Levice

„next show: new dates anounced soon!“

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Text skladby New Heroes Rise

z alba Septentrionalis

Autor hudby: Achsar
Autor textu: Milan Kristofik

Once again I`m under open sky
I walk with no companion
Four heroes – seek them out

First steps lead me through
Secret paths to the west
Into forestlands of the high elves
Where wild dancing magic dwells

With Eldric by my side
We are heading north
Into land of brave warriors
Where cold wind still storms

I`m your shield
Sword onto your will

Now you have my arms
And my pounding heart

Into the danger leads this adventure, to bring salvation for world wide
Tears of the North, blood of the folk, from legend old chaos march
And new heroes rise

As we enter mithril and golden halls
Of dwarf lord
In mountains deep below

Smell of meat, smell of beer
Ringing hammers on anvils swing
Fires blasting, metal crushing
Dwarven axe to us attaching

From core under mountains now we venture
To the town of men to seek human nature
Young and proud is their kind
But one of them with our quest is bind